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The second book in the Abba Mania Australia Series.

Between late 1975 to mid 1977 Abba appeared in the daily newspapers almost on a daily basis and in most weekly/monthly magazines almost every issue!  Abba mania in Australia was so huge that when writing the first book “Abba Mania Australia”

I simply could not fit everything in! So in this follow up book we get to see some of the material that was left over. In this second book we delve deep into some of the amazing news clippings to further tell the Australian Abba story. 

Along with some rare unseen photos from my personal collection.‘More Abba mania Australia’ is a book written and designed for die hard Abba fans

ABBA The Catalogue Australia - DELUXE EDITION.

The third book in the "ABBAMANAIA AUSTRALIA" Series is the Ultimate Australian Discography book.  The new book takes over from the "discography" featured in the first book ("ABBAMANAIA AUSTRALIA")  and is updated and expanded to cover almost all the Australian Abba and solo releases to date plus a few surprises!

Featuring all new artwork and photos of every release, this book has updated release dates etc that were unknown or unavailable in the first book.

 Due to the Amazing news that Abba are to release brand new material in  2020, the new book (Sadly) has had to be delayed to be able to include the new release and this moment in Abba history!

The "40th Anniversary Edition" of the book has SOLD OUT.

      It was replaced by "The Deluxe Edition" of the book containing updates.

"ABBAMANIA AUSTRALIA" is currently unavailable. 

A new and revised edition will be released in 2020.

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